Here are some samples of my work:

My most popular video on YouTube with over 110 million views.
Not my most enlightening work, but it helps pay the bills.

Successful recruitment requires using all the tools at your disposal
these days.

One of our favorite stories from my Dark Winter Nights: True Stories
from Alaska program. Champion dog musher Brest Sass shared this
story at our November 2014 live event in Fairbanks.

I’m a huge fan of the Spanish language and working to become fluent,
so when I noticed my online Latin American Spanish tutors having
trouble with their audio, I created this video in Spanish for them.

This is a trailer for my 2009 documentary Finding Their Own Dance:
Reawakening the Alaskan Alutiiq Arts about the amazing rebirth of
traditional dance arts among the Alutiiq people on and around Kodiak
Island in Alaska. This documentary took me to many amazing small,
remote villages in south central Alaska.

Sample video interview. I was responsible for all the production elements
of this video as well as editing.

Trailer for a half-hour documentary I produced with a 100% student crew.

Sample lecture from my Documentary Filmmaking online course,
filmed in my home theater.