My professor drives a DeLorean. Does yours??


Professor of documentary filmmaking and media literacy since 2005


Creater/host of Dark Winter Nights: True Stories from Alaska


Creator of Scratchband, the first-ever device to allow you to scratch your face with your wrist instead of your hands

Odd Facts About Rob:

  • I nearly died in an airshow in high school
  • My most popular video on YouTube has 110,000,000 views
  • I accidentally became a motivational speaker after making a dumb joke
  • I’ve made Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, and Brooke Shields laugh, but I think Jerry and Jason were just being nice. Brooke seemed to actually think I was funny
  • One day I woke up and everything was fine and by that afternoon I was walking into the emergency room alone, barefoot, bleeding, soaking went, and without my glasses
  • I flew 500 miles solo cross-country in an airplane when I was 17
  • I’ve been skydiving five times. I quit when they said I’d have to start packing my own parachute
  • I once emceed a rocket launch
  • I drove my 1982 DeLorean 3000 miles from Michigan to Alaska
  • I once slept through my own class
  • The first time I met my neighbor ended up becoming a national news story
  • I have swallowed a sword in front of 800 people…twice
  • I wrote, directed, and starred in my own Christmas TV special that was aired on public television
  • I permanently injured my left hand after trying to ride a mechanical bull at full speed in Las Vegas
  • I love vehicles and have driven an excavator, a semi, a skid steer, a Lamborghini, snow machines, motorcycles, four wheelers, airplanes, a paraplane, sailboats, hover boards, ridden in a submarine and helicopter, and once drove a police car but I’m not allowed to say where or with whom. I really want to drive a hovercraft
  • I once found myself reading an article about my Alaska storytelling program in Alaska magazine while flying Alaska Airlines to Alaska

“If you’re not scared, you’re not learning.”