“A good story is fundamentally an intriguing question
with an awesome answer.”

Fun Facts about Rob:

  • I nearly died in an airshow in high school.
  • The New York Times called my podcast “the best winter podcast for storytelling lovers” and NPR’s Weekend Edition has aired three of our stories nationally. It’s currently the only faculty project listed on UAF’s “Rankings and Recognitions” page for prospective students.
  • My most popular video on YouTube has 110,000,000 views and I have 250K subscribers.
  • I donated a kidney to my best friend’s mom, which makes me think I’m his friend but, technically, also kind of his mom?
  • I’ve made Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, and Brooke Shields laugh, but I think Jerry and Jason were just being nice. Brooke seemed to actually think I was funny.
  • I flew 500 miles solo cross-country in an airplane when I was 17.
  • I’ve been skydiving five times. I quit when they said I’d have to start packing my own parachute.
  • I once MC’d a rocket launch.
  • The first time I met my neighbor ended up becoming a national news story.
  • I have swallowed a sword in front of 800 people…twice.
  • I love vehicles and have driven an excavator, a semi, a skid steer, a Lamborghini, snow machines, motorcycles, four wheelers, airplanes, a paraplane, sailboats, hover boards, ridden in a submarine and helicopter, and once drove a police car but I’m not allowed to say where or with whom.
  • I once found myself reading an article about my Alaska podcast in Alaska Magazine while flying Alaska Airlines to Alaska.

My professor drives a DeLorean.
Does yours?